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Founding ACMP UK Board of Directors


Steve Green      

Email: steve@acmpuk.com

Director of Operations & Secretary

Damian Jordan     

Email: damianjordan@acmpuk.com

Treasurer & Director of Sponsorship

Nourreddine Becharnia     

Email: nourreddinebecharnia@acmpuk.com

Director of Professional Development

Amany Elbanna     

Email: amanyelbanna@acmpuk.com

Regional Director - Milton Keynes

Richard Howes     

Email: richardhowes@acmpuk.com

Immediate Past-President

Maria Murray Dozlic     

Email: maria@acmpuk.com

Director of Marketing and Communications

Steve Suckling     

Email: stevesuckling@acmpuk.com

Director of Events

Florence Beales    

Email: florencebeales@acmpuk.com

Director of Membership

Elke Sanz     

Email: elkesanz@acmpuk.com

Regional Director - London

Ihab Ahmed     

Email: ihabahmed@acmpuk.com

Regional Director - Midlands

Sean Galloghly     

Regional Director - Glasgow

Al Lee-Bourke     


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