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ACMP Board Elections

The ACMP UK Chapter Board of Directors (the ‘Board’) is the local governing authority of the ACMP UK Chapter, a certified affiliate of the Association of Change Management Professionals (‘ACMP Global’), and is responsible for directing, influencing, and monitoring the Chapter’s business.  


The Board sets the tone for the Chapter and directs the organisation’s future by developing policy and strategic direction. Governance is the way in which the Board exercises its authority, control, and direction over the Chapter. The Board carries out its governance role by developing and monitoring policies, through which the Board defines the parameters within which the Chapter will carry out its work. Work is organised through portfolios and committees that are overseen/managed by Board Directors who focus on the interpretation and implementation of policies. The Board has ultimate responsibility for the Chapter’s purpose, identity, continuity, and progress, and is accountable to the membership for the success of the Chapter.  

Board Commitment:

Board positions typically require a minimum commitment of three (3) hours per week which includes Board meetings held in locations within the greater UK area or virtually through a conference capability. In addition, the Board meets twice annually for a half day strategic planning workshop requiring full Board participation. 


Board Directors also attend Quarterly member meetings (one being designated the Annual General Meeting) and other occasional events as required for presentations, public relations, etc.  Time estimates do not include any necessary prep time required for the noted meetings and are subject to change at the discretion of the Board. 


Board positions require a 2‐year commitment. 


Roles up for election:

Vice President
Director of Professional Development
Regional Director Scotland
Regional Director North England
Regional Director Wales
Regional Director Northern Ireland

Application Process

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